October 20, 2001

What did everyone think of Roswell last week? I enjoyed it, especially the Max and Liz parts. Speaking of Max and Liz, we have a few new stories focusing on these characters! First up is Resurfacing, by Lizzybell, a new fic taking a different look at the Podsters future, one in which "Destiny" never occurred. Another amazing story by Lizzybell. We also have two stories by Katie. Only for You and a Buffy/Angel/Roswell crossover she wrote with her friend Maria, Undone. I've enjoyed reading both and can't wait for more parts. Hope you all feel the same. The links section was also updated. I hope you all check it out. Finally, I'd like to thank everyone at the Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction Board who submitted sites. Sorry I couldn't post them all this week, but hey, that just leaves more for the next update! :) Thanks guys, you rock!

October 14, 2001

Sorry for the long delay in updates, but I haven't had the time, as well as the fact that NO ONE IS SUBMITTING THEIR STORIES!!! Please, people, I know that there are a lot of you fanfic writters out there. I would appreciate it ever so much if you'd just send your stories to me. Please! Anyways, I know Dia has sent me some knew stuff that I have to go through (her stories will be updated next weekend) and I'm pretty sure Jennifer can give me more. Other than that, it's my stories you all will have to deal with. And speaking of my new stories, I have an update of The Fifth Element. Next two parts. Hope you enjoy them!

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